In 1979, Innerstave initiated a paradigm shift in the wine industry by bringing premium new barrel oak flavor to wine through oak alternatives. Winemakers were freed from needing to rely solely on new oak barrels to achieve the oak flavor profiles they desired. Since that time, Innerstave has continued to partner with winemakers, brewers and distillers around the world to shape the taste of fine wine, beer and spirits.

Winemakers have used our products for decades to expand their oak spice rack flavor profiles, as well as reduce new barrel cooperage expenses. More recently, craft beer makers and spirits distillers are taking advantage of our premium oak products and oak flavor profile consulting services to create singularly unique beverages.

Innerstave is internationally recognized as the premier provider of new barrel oak alternatives.

Our strong relationships with our wood sources enable us to supply the highest quality products throughout our line from one year to the next. All of our products are open air seasoned, toasted and produced at our facility located in Sonoma, California. This enables us to provide continuity of flavor profiles, regardless of which premium oak flavor delivery system product you choose.

About Innerstave Oak Alternatives

Innerstave was created by one simple idea:

build a system to replenish premium wine oak barrel flavors without needing to purchase new barrels every few years. The company is responsible for an entire industry of new barrel oak alternatives, also known as oak adjuncts, oak alternatives, oak add-ins™, oak integration systems and oak infusion products.

Innerstave Oak Alchemy
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