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Alicia McBride
Alicia McBridePresident and Oak Sensory Profile Consultant

Alicia McBride, President and General Manager, joined Innerstave in 2003, while one of the original founders and owners was still President. From him, Alicia learned the benefits of oak alternatives and how our products can be used to expand winemakers’ oak spice rack flavor profiles. She soon gained a passion for helping her clients, winemakers both large and small, achieve their flavor profile goals. Alicia is incredibly proud to be part of the company that started new oak barrel alternatives and has remained the industry leader.

Alicia has created a team at Innerstave that is always ready to rise to the challenges of our customers’ changing needs. She ensures that we always put the needs of our clients first, deliver premium products, and maintain the consistency of our oak flavor profiles, year after year. Under Alicia’s leadership, Innerstave has gained a wide following of loyal clients. She is proud of the fact that many of our employees know our customers so well, they have developed lasting professional relationships.

What Alicia enjoys most about what she does is helping our clients achieve the results they want. She also enjoys helping Innerstave’s employees reach their professional and personal goals.

When she is not in the office, Alicia loves spending quality time with family and friends, sometimes while taking advantage of a wonderful restaurant in the Bay Area.

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