Project Description

Barrel quality, premium tightly grained
Available for barrels 225 to 500 liters

Barrel Innerstave is for use in a neutral oak barrel. It is a system of barrel-length oak staves containing 18.16 sq. ft. of surface area. The staves are held in place in a radial design by lining the barrel with polyethylene rods. The system is installed by our cooperage team through the opened head of a neutral barrel. The absence of staves at the bunghole and the bottom lees pool leaves racking and stirring uninhibited. The system can be cleaned with regular barrel cleaning procedures.
Barrel Innerstave is designed to impart oak flavor at the same rate as new premium oak barrels. The system works within the framework of a comprehensive barrel program to augment total premium oak flavor profiles, while moderating the higher cost of purchasing all new barrels.

Available Oak Origins French Oak (Quercus Sessilis), Center of France
American Oak (Quercus Alba), Midwest of USA
Grain Selection Barrel quality, premium tightly grained
Aging Toasting Methods Naturally seasoned at our facility in the Carneros region of Sonoma, CA: flagship oak 24 months & Revere Oak 36 months – proprietary toasting
Available Toast Levels *Light, Medium, Medium Plus, *Plus Plus, *Structure and *High Toast
*Revere Oak – Medium, Medium Plus, Plus Plus
*Toast available in French Oak only
Use Secondary fermentation & post fermentation
Addition Rate 18.16 sq. ft. of oak is 100% new barrel impact of a 225L barrel
Contact Time Intended for long term use
Full extraction after 24 months
Size Available for barrels 225 to 500 liters

Use in secondary
fermentation &
post fermentation

Innerstave Oak Alchemy
We invite you to contact one of our oak infusion specialist to learn more about Innerstave