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Karen Shaw
Karen ShawAdministrative Manager

Karen Shaw, Innerstave’s Administrative Manager, supervises the daily operations of the administration and logistics departments and provides support for accounts payable and accounts receivable, hiring, training and all other HR duties. She has been with Innerstave since May of 2019.

What Karen enjoys most about her job is working with a group of diverse, committed people. She feels very proud to be part of a company that has so many long-term employees. She likes to get to know the people she works with and enjoys understanding what motivates each person, as well as helping them with their benefits packages.

Before coming to Innerstave, Karen spent 15 years running businesses, including her own Sonoma Pet and Aquatics and three pet stores, which she owned in partnership with others. Karen has experienced every aspect of owning and running a business, including: hiring, training and managing employees, marketing, bookkeeping, purchasing, inventory management, plumbing and even laying tile. Prior to owning and running pet stores, she was a contracts administrator for a general contractor in Santa Rosa.

When she is not working, Karen can be found in the saddle riding her horse, Ely, on the trails or in the arena, training in the ever challenging discipline of dressage.

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