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Oris Pacheco
Oris PachecoOperations Manager

Oris Pacheco, Innerstave’s Operations Manager, is responsible for making sure that our company is running as smoothly as possible and that we consistently serve our customers’ needs. Oris has been with Innerstave since 2009, first serving as our Production Manager before becoming Operations Manager. Oris is driven by the desire to see our customers achieve their flavor profile goals. He is proud that so many companies rely on Innerstave to create flavors that cannot ever be duplicated. He is committed to doing whatever it takes to make our customers and the Innerstave team successful.

Oris has a strong background in lean manufacturing and inventory control – he has been trained in Lean Manufacturing, the 5S System and Six Sigma. He credits his real manufacturing and operations expertise, however, to the guidance he’s received over the years from many great mentors and “on the ground” training. Before Oris came to Innerstave, he worked as the Inventory Manager at a local telecommunications company and as an Inventory Analyst and Production Manager with other local companies. Although he has worked for companies large and small, corporate and independently owned, he has never been part of a team like Innnerstave.

In his free time, Oris loves being with his family. He has five children at home, including four girls and one boy, and they keep Oris on his toes. Oris is an Advisory Board Member for the Sonoma County Youth Probation Camp, a program that he believes deeply in and is very thankful to be a part of.

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