Project Description

Multiple toast levels can be used to create custom profiles
Oak extraction replicates a new barrel

Stave Vault is a stainless steel structure designed to fit inside smaller tanks and vessels to impart new oak flavor profiles. It can give beer or spirits up to 4 times new barrel impact to allow flexibility in new oak addition rates. Brewers and distillers can choose from French or American oak staves available in all toast levels to create custom flavor profiles.

Stave Vault can be used in any stage of brewing or distilling and provides up to 80 square feet of oak surface when fully loaded. Stave Vault is easily inserted and removed with a forklift. The flavor profile possibilities are endless with Stave Vault.

Available Oak Origins French Oak (Quercus Sessilis), Center of France
American Oak (Quercus Alba), Midwest of USA
Grain Selection Barrel quality, premium tightly grained
Aging Toasting Methods Naturally seasoned at our facility in the Carneros region of Sonoma,
CA: flagship oak 24 months – proprietary toasting
Available Toast Levels *Light, Medium, Medium Plus, *Plus Plus
*Toast available in French oak only
Use Secondary fermentation & post fermentation
Addition Rate Fully loaded holds 80 sq. ft. of oak
*80 sq. ft. equals 100% new barrel impact per 200 gallons
Contact Time Suggested minimum contact time of 3 months
Full extraction after 18 months
Size Each stave measures 28” x 2” x 5/16”, 20 sq. ft.

Each stave measures
28” x 2” x 5/16”
= 20 sq. ft.

Innerstave Oak Alchemy
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