Innerstave helps winemakers, brewers and distillers embrace more environmental and sustainable business practices by taking advantage of oak alternatives.

We source our oak alternatives from central France and the American Midwest. A good cooperage can use only about 25 percent of a tree for barrels, due to their shape. Unlike coopers, we can use nearly every part of a quality oak tree to incorporate flavor into our staves, cubes, chips and fines.

We use every “flavor worthy part” of a quality oak tree


Repurposing – When our products have served their purpose of adding premium oak flavor to beverages, they can be repurposed.

  • Our staves are regularly made into flooring and furniture. The coloring that results from the staves soaking in wine provides a highly desirable, uniquely custom look.

  • Our oak chips can be used for ground cover.

  • Our bag of blocks and chain of oak can be used in smokers and barbeque pits.

  • If you are a winemaker, brewer or distiller, we can provide a list of businesses and individuals who are interested in purchasing and repurposing your used oak staves and blocks.

    Please contact us at: 707-996-8781 or [email protected].

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Innerstave Oak Alchemy
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